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Are you feeling a call to reach higher in your life?

If you’re feeling a longing to access the unexpressed gifts and unlived life you sense inside yourself, to experience a flow of abundance in every area – love, financial security, radiant health, fulfillment of your life’s purpose – you’re not alone. Women everywhere are awakening to this self-actualization impulse. You’re ready to unlock your Feminine Power!

What is Feminine Power?

Feminine Power defines “power” differently from the dictionary definition of power as “control” and “power over”. This is a masculine definition of power, in which rational-mind-derived strategies and rules of the game favor primarily white males. Feminine Power is the result of women getting in touch with the gifts we were born with, establishing a co-creative relationship with a higher creative power, known by many names, and developing relationships with other self-actualizing women, all of which gives us access to a level of confidence, creativity, energy and impact that we need personally, as well as in our work to create change in our troubled world. Click below to access the e-book to learn more about Feminine Power.

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You begin to unlock your Feminine Power as you go through the process of 3 key shifts in your life: 1) a shift in your relationship to yourself; 2) a shift in your relationship to the greater creative intelligence and power of the universe, that some call God, others say Goddess, Allah, and so on; and 3) a shift in your relationship to others who can support, mentor and empower you as you unfold your gifts, because we do not become ourselves by ourselves! Click the button below to download an e-booket to learn more.

My Services

Self-Actualization Coaching for Women

The Self-Actualization coaching program for women is a great way to start accessing your Feminine Power. You’ll begin to awaken to the fact that like most women, as a child you developed a Survival Personality and most likely you have been living out aspects of who your parents were, rather than as who you were born to be. Compounding this is the reality that we women grew up adapting ourselves to a masculine-defined society and its values.  In the process we got disconnected from ourselves in many ways. Self-Actualization coaching supports you in developing a new relationship with yourself, and back in alignment with the woman you were born to be.

Once you’re experienced awakening to your Feminine Power via individual Self-Actualization coaching, you may want to participate in group coaching, which gives you additional support and experience. You benefit from the perspectives and mirroring from each woman in the group, who understand the path of self-actualization you’re on. Additionally you learn how to support other women from a Feminine Power perspective, as well have as the opportunity to experience yourself interacting in a group setting, which is great training for leadership and group work you may be doing in the future.

The prices we pay as women adapted to a masculine-defined society are many. Some of them I hardly need mention – unequal pay, inadequate health care, lack of family leave and childcare, the pressure to both have a career, and be a mom and caretaker of our families – all of which result in excessive stress, exhaustion and the illnesses of stress, among them various auto-immune diseases, of which women comprise 80%. The cherry on top is they socialized us to always put others first and ourselves last. Learn how to prioritize yourself and rebuild your health. 

As a former financial consultant with the Norman G. Levine Financial Group of San Francisco, I can help you review the big picture of your finances and budgeting for today, as well as your plans for the future, including retirement. I’m familiar with the basics of financial planning – life insurance, wills, trusts and legal insurance, and basic investments like real estate investment trusts (REITS) and mutual funds. I would fold this support in with your Self-Actualization coaching.

Self Actualized Woman

Self-Actualized Woman

Personal Coaching

Melanie offers individual coaching and group coaching, as well as transformational learning workshops. You can contact her here on this page or via the Contact Me page.

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