Manifest Abundance Sucess and Happiness

Are you a woman who recently has been feeling called to live more creatively and abundantly? Yet you also feel called to contribute to making a difference in these troubled times. How to do it all? If so, you’re experiencing what a lot of women around the world are feeling. We realize the world needs us to get into action, to live out our abundant gifts, both in our personal lives and in the community, in order to create the healing changes this world is crying out for. Yet a lot of women feel they’re not quite ready yet. Maybe get an MBA first? Did you know that feelings you may be having of “not being enough” are coming from your “Survival Personality”? You had to survive and become who your parents thought you were. You had to survive social and cultural pressures. As a result, as you grew up, you left behind a lot of your power and who you really are. Once you learn how to get past old self-doubts and connect with your true Self, you discover that you are capable of powerful creativity! 

Jungian psychologist James Hillman wrote a book about this called “The Soul Code”. We were born encoded with our soul’s purpose and the gifts adequate to enable us to live out what Carolyn Myss calls our “Sacred Contract”. Sign up here for a complimentary Clarity Session to learn more!

"I would recommend Melanie Moorehead to anyone. I counted on her at a time of challenges and her support made all the difference." Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle, Dean of Students, American Jewish University, Los Angeles, CA

What do you truly yearn to create in your life now? Often it’s about building a more solid financial base so you can also move on to creating the other things that matter – more intimacy, better health, raising resilent, creative kids. And then, many of us women are also feeling a calling to DO SOMETHING about the needs of our community and our world. Many women are ready to step into leadership now. And we want support from other women who are reaching to live life more abundantly in all areas.

Yet individually, many women are also experiencing feeling isolated, stressed, and self-critical. It can take some time and effort to overcome limiting beliefs and old negative experiences. The truth is, we women (men also, but women get especially hard-hit) were conditioned to express certain qualities and suppress other parts of who we were born to be. The Inner Critic has a field day telling us, among other self-criticisms that we learned, that we are either “too much” or “not good enough”.

Feminine PowerInstead of developing into who we were born to be, we all developed what psychologists call “The Survival Personality”. In order literally to survive, children adapt to how our families and society think we should be. This strikes particularly hard at girls and women because, let’s face it, this is still a patriarchal world where power means domination and control.

We women aren’t wired up that way. Women want power to create a world safe for everyone, for children and the vulnerable, power to create community and healing, power to express our true Self, power to live out our “soul code” without threat, anxiety or fear.

When you align with your true feminine power, you begin to experience the abundance and impact you were born to express with your one beautiful life. Join me in a 60 minute Clarity Session to begin unlocking your unique gifts. I once coached a woman who was incredibly depressed over losing a great $80,000/year job. However, I coached her to get out of bed and go to a job fair, where she got a similar job at more pay. Over time, she parlayed her experiences to becoming president of a community college and an income of $193,000 a year. Never let “life” get to you. Click the link above and let’s kindle your fire!

 The truth is, each of us was born not only with a unique “soul code”, but also within a heritage of feminine power that goes back 25,000 years to a time when women and earth were seen as sacred. That means that your individual gifts and talents are as abundant as life itself and are right there beneath the superficialities of your self-doubts.

You may be thinking, “Oh, right, all that “goddess” stuff. In truth, Goddess was how humans gave a name to the mysterious, abundant, creative consciousness they sensed on earth and in the night skies. The term “God” did not exist before about 1250 BC, when the name for the mysteries became a single male diety. Hmm!

I invite you to consider that “Goddess” is about those deep mysteries of consciousness and creation that women used to represent and for which we were deeply respected. “Goddess” is about your inner greater nature, which has been repressed. Your “herstory” has not been taught to you. You got cut off from your inborn radiance. However, in truth, your gifts and talents are as abundant as the beauty and creativity you see in the natural world all around you.

"My session with Melanie gave me access to deeper emotional levels than I've gotten from other coaches. I was able to get clarity on the unconscious struggles between the voices of my subpersonalities and I discovered more compassion for myself. Melanie is a compassionate listener able to quickly establish a safe place. I highly recommend her, especially for women who want nurturing guidance to tender places for healing." Colette E.

“Venus of Willendorf”, Goddess icon, 4.5″ tall, whose name reflects where she was found (Austria), and the idea she was a Venus-of- fertility figure, but she was Goddess of all, 25,000 BCE. Goddess Feminine Power

Feminine Goddess PowerThis is one of the hundreds of female figures dug up in Europe by archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, which she dated to 5,000 BCE. The spirals represent the snake (renewal) motif.

Goddess Feminine PowerThe earliest written record of the Goddess religion dates to 3,000 BCE in Sumeria. This is the goddess Inanna. We know about her from the cuneiform text “Hymn to Inanna”.

Aphrodite (Roman “Venus”), Greek Goddess of love, her power reduced to sensuality and sexuality. Notice she is no longer associated with all creation.

Durga, Hindu Goddess. She retains her multiple powers. In the West we have lost powerful images of the Divine Feminine. Durga’s festival is celebrated yearly by women in India. Durga represents Shakti, the divine creative energy of the manifest world.  Goddess Feminine Power

Empowered WomanWomen today are creating an exciting synthesis of our natural gifts with the needs of of the world. We’re skilled in so many ways, as creators, energizers, innovators and leaders, not in search of dominance and billionaire status, but to create a beautiful, livable planet and culture for our children and grandchildren. At the same time, we are following our own individual path to greater financial stability, vitality and happiness.

Goddess Feminine PowerI thought I would share one more image, Mary of Magdala, known as Mary Magdalene. Though disrespected by the men who wrote her up in the Bible as a repentant whore, she actually was Jesus’ #1 disciple and benefactor. She is a powerful ancestor and role model for women who sense we have a calling to develop our personal power, as well as our mission to help heal this world. Artist: Karmie Varya

Creative feminine powerIf you are feeling you want to step into creating your life at a whole new level, getting beyond any conflicting inner voices, anxieties, doubts, financial, health or other challenges, in order to manifest what is naturally yours, I would love to meet you and I invite you to join me for a Clarity Session . We’ll take some time to chat and you’ll gain some really solid clarity on how you can live from your deepest level of Feminine Power.

"Melanie Moorehead is a miracle worker! The transformation in these students has been truly remarkable. Thank you, Melanie!" Dr. Jeff Wilson, Dean of Students, Pacifica High School, San Leandro, CA