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Melanie Moorehead Self Actualized Woman

By Melanie Moorehead –

Today women around the world are rising up as never before. If you are feeling called to be and do more, not only on a personal level, but also in response to the many needs of this troubled world, then you are a woman being called to self-actualization.

Self-actualization is the fulfillment of the yearning many women are now feeling to grow into the radiant, empowered woman they sense is within them. Do you feel that? This is happening to women of all ages, this awakening to the reality that we women, that you, have unexpressed talents and gifts, along with the awareness that we have a responsibility to the larger world to step into leadership in a way that aligns with each of our individual paths – because we can see our possibilities as well as how much in need this world is of our compassion, our creativity and our ability to make a difference.

Women have faced and continue to face many challenges in life, both in the outer world and in our inner worlds as well. I hardly need to tell you that! What’s new is that so much is being discovered now about how much inner power we actually have once we learn how to dissolve old self-limiting beliefs, old stories about who we are, and feelings of self-doubt. I believe that women’s stories are really important and I love hearing them and reading them.

Your story tells the world about how you made it this far – your challenges, your successes and triumphs. I majored in British Literature at UC Berkeley due to my great love of stories – novels, essays, short stories, plays – you name it. Stories create bonds between us around that great campfire.

But – women’s stories also contain uniquely painful parts, things we suffered as little girls, losses we’ve suffered as adults. The result of this pain can disconnect us from who we were born to be. In fact psychologists have called the disconnect from parts of ourselves not acceptable to our parents and society “The Survival Personality”. We literally had to survive as dependent little children, so whatever qualities weren’t acceptable we quickly hid away. Growing up female in a masculine-defined world is no picnic, even with today’s slowly evolving societal attitudes.

Obviously a personality is not all of who you or I or any woman is. It’s an adaptation and along with adapting, we usually learned to feel guilt and/or shame about aspects of ourselves, our looks, our bodies, our thoughts and opinions, and many of us became quite self-critical. Ah yes, the Inner Critic! We lost self-confidence and the courage to speak our truths. A woman will not speak up until she is 85% certain of her facts, while a man will wing it, at only 15% certain.

We adapted to one of the most limiting of expectations placed on women – that we always put others before ourselves. Self-love coaching does not address the underlying structure of old beliefs that women hold about themselves, such as “I’m not enough”, “I’m too much”, “I’m not lovable, not worthy”, etc. Women suffer 80% of the stress-related autoimmune illnesses, which are almost always related to forgetting to care for ourselves and doubting our worthiness as we strive to be kind and generous, putting others first before our own needs.

There is path out of this miasma. Many women are learning how to step onto a growth pathway and get the support they need. We are learning new ways of talking to ourselves and creating updated stories about who we are. As a result, more and more women are becoming courageous creators in their lives. When we grow both spiritually and psychologically, we actually can become co-creators with the greater creative intelligence of the universe. You may say God or Allah or Goddess, or whatever name you like, or no name at all for the greater field of creativity all around us. You were born to flourish just as a tree was born to grow tall or a rose to unfold in all its beauty.

So If you’re in a career or job that you’ve outgrown, that doesn’t pay you enough, while you also struggle to be the nurturer of everyone, like some kind of superwoman, or if you long for intimate love in your life that you’ve never truly had, then I invite you to consider there’s a way to unlock your gifts and the universe’s blessings of love and support, along with an increased  level of energy that indicates you’re aligning with the true Self you were born to be. These are hallmarks that you’re becoming a self-actualizing woman.

Beyond my love of stories and literature, I felt called to learn as much as I could about spiritually-oriented psychology and therapy, so I enrolled at UC Santa Cruz for 3 years of study in the field of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Then I went through a 3 year graduate program in Clinical Counseling and Transpersonal Clinical Psychotherapy. I’ve also been a social justice activist all my life. Stir all this into the mix and that’s the multi-faceted approach I bring to coaching women. Click here to schedule a chat with me to see if you would like to experience a unique and empowering kind of coaching. There is no obligation of course and no charge. With love, Melanie