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Self Actualized Woman Melanie Moorehead

By Melanie Moorehead –

Most coaches support their clients to think of a goal they want to achieve, then support them in creating a strategy to accomplish the goal(s), keeping a client accountable as they learn any needed new skills, and take goal-oriented, linearly laid out action steps.

Not bad, but the problem with this goal-setting approach is that it comes from your rational mind. It doesn’t activate your deeper wisdom and intuition. Setting an intention is embodied, open with curiosity to the unexpected, and comes into being in what seem like mysterious ways. If you ask any artist how what she wrote her novel or painted a painting, she won’t name preplanned strategies. She will probably say things like I’m not sure, it just came to me. Of course there are skills involved and you still have to take action steps, but you are guided more by intuition than by rationally devised steps.

Setting an intention and focusing lightly on it is a great approach for women to use and for coaches of women to use because it directly involved the development our feminine power. It supports a process of letting creative ideas and images just pop into your awareness. You’re also listening from a place of a new relationship to yourself, one where you have more trust in your own inner wisdom and are less overwhelmed by old limiting beliefs. You are becoming an artist of your own becoming!

Some people have a mistaken idea about intention, the idea that now that you’ve supposedly entered the spiritually fuzzy realm of manifestation and stated what you want to manifest, you just have to sit and wait, and it will pop into your life magically. Nope, it doesn’t work that way.

The realization of an intention comes from our practicing a focused consciousness, an open curious attitude, and allowing things to unfold in unexpected ways. We are allowing ourselves to become co-creators with the greater intelligence of our universe. So we are definitely taking action, but what actions we next need to take start to pop into our minds from what seems like out of nowhere. We are developing greater sensitivity and a quality of attuned paying attention. We will start to notice synchronicities. We are listening more subtly.  One coach once said, “It’s as if the creator intelligence or God or however you want to think of it said to you, ‘Hey, I really need your help to create this, to manifest this on earth’.”

Think of the woman who wanted to meet the love of her life, so she set an intention and began going on dates. None of them turned out to be ‘the one’. She could take these apparent setbacks as ‘signs’ she just wasn’t going to ever find this person. She goes on 50 dates – and nothing. Then on the 51st date, her soulmate shows up. So it takes trust and faith in the process of fulfilling your intention.

Interestingly, intention actually has been proven scientifically to work and it does so outside of our traditional, Newtonian ideas of the physics of time and space. A 28-year- long research project in the engineering department at Princeton University proved conclusively that our intention does shape reality. At the conclusion of 28 years of research, the head researcher Robert Jahns said, “We’ve proven beyond statistical doubt that human intention affects the world around us. It’s up to you to work out the implications.”

The implications are huge. British transformational leader Peter Merry gives us a helpful explanation of our part in activating intention. He explains that our consciousness functions like the node between the invisible waves of information in the quantum realm and their manifestation into our 3-D reality.

When you start to align with who you were born to be, the universe starts to align with you. As co-founder of the Humanist Psychology Movement Jean Houston says, it’s as if the universe takes notice of your co-creative intention and says, “Hey, here’s a live one!”